Learn the basics of Greyhound racing betting. Understand different types of Greyhound racing bets and start betting today.

How To Bet On Greyhound Racing

If you’re interested in participating in greyhound racing betting, you should know that this type of sports betting is popular among experienced bettors worldwide. Although some might say that greyhound racing doesn’t strike them as one of the top betting opportunities, they couldn’t be more wrong. 

You’d be surprised by the number of bettors who keep a close eye on greyhound races, looking for the best betting opportunities.

Since the number of punters interested in greyhound racing betting increases daily, we’ve created this comprehensive guide to betting on greyhound racing to help people who are new to this type of sports betting get started quickly.

What is greyhound racing betting?

Greyhound racing betting is a type of sports betting that refers to placing a wager on the dog that you think will win the race. A greyhound win bet is one of the most straightforward types of greyhound racing bets that a bettor can make. It involves picking the dog that you think will be the winner of the race. 

Greyhound racing is very similar to horse racing, which is why so many punters place their bets on dog races. Greyhounds can be amazingly unpredictable which only adds to the entire experience. This could be the biggest reason why this type of betting is a popular choice for many bettors. 

Although greyhound racing betting isn’t as big as horse racing betting, the two betting types have many things in common. Greyhound racing betting comes down to placing a wager on a particular dog to win, and if it takes the win, you earn some quick cash.

Different types of greyhound racing bets

Greyhound racing betting includes various types of bets, and most of them are almost the same as those you’d find in horse racing betting. However, if you’re new to greyhound racing betting, we’ll break down a few of the most popular types of bets that can promise you good returns:

  • Win bets;
  • Place bets;
  • Each-way bets;
  • Straight forecast bets;
  • Accumulator bets; and
  • Trap challenge bets.

Win bets

The win bet is the best option for anyone new to greyhound betting. It’s simple – your pick must win the race, so choose a dog that you think has the most winning potential and place your bet. 

Here’s an example from Unibet sports betting site:

win bet

As you can see here, Elite Patty has a 9 to 1 chance to win, meaning a £10 win bet can earn you £90 if your pick finishes first.

Place bets

The place bet refers to wagering on a greyhound that you expect to place. A typical greyhound race involves six runners. You can wager on a greyhound that you think will finish second or third. If the dog that you’re wagering on finishes second or third, you win your place bet. 

place bets

Each-way bets

The each-way bet is quite popular among greyhound punters because it allows them to combine two different types of bets: the place bet and the win bet. It allows you to place two wagers on the same dog instead of one.

You have two ways of earning returns. If your dog wins the race, you take the total payout. If the dog finishes in the “places,” you win a smaller payout. However you take it, you’re golden. 

Take a look at this Unibet example of an each-way bet that promises a potential return of £1020 on a £10 bet:

each-way bet

Straight forecast bets

The straight forecast bet is a more complex bet that requires some knowledge and experience. With this type of bet, the punter predicts which two greyhounds will finish first and second in that exact order.

There’s also a reverse straight forecast bet that allows you to win if the two dogs that you wager on finish first or second in any order. Here’s a another good example from Unibet:

straight forecast bet

In the Big Orange vs Ichabod Mudd race, a forecast bet allows you to predict the first two runners to finish. If your picks finish in the order that you’ve predicted, you will receive a big payout.

Accumulator bets

The accumulator bet is the most lucrative type of greyhound betting that allows punters to win a hefty prize. As its name suggests, it combines several different bets into one substantial wager. To win this wager, the punter must predict all of the selections in the accumulator in the correct order. 

Since you’re new to greyhound betting, it’ll take some time and experience to understand how this type of bet works, since winning accumulator bets can be pretty complicated. It’s best to avoid it as a beginner and boost your chance of winning by sticking to more straightforward bets.

Here’s a typical example of an accumulator bet with five runner picks and their odds:

accumulator bet

You can see here that each of the runners that you’ve picked has their odds and potential returns listed. Depending on whether they win or not, an accumulator bet can earn you a big score.

Trap challenge bets

The trap challenge bet is a unique and exciting way to place a wager on greyhound races. It involves placing a bet across multiple races but putting it on a trap instead of betting on a dog. The key is to predict which one will score the most wins during the race to win the challenge, as you can see in this example from Unibet:

Essential greyhound racing statistics

Choosing the right greyhound racing bookmakers is just one side of the deal if you want to get into greyhound betting and win. The other important aspect is doing your homework, which requires you to tap into essential greyhound racing statistics. 

These stats give you all of the information that you need to predict possible racing outcomes and obtain a deeper understanding of the terms and conditions under which greyhound races occur. The more that you know about the race track, the competing dogs, and everything else involved, the easier it is to predict a possible outcome. 

Here’s a short overview of the essential stats related to greyhound racing.

Starting box

The starting box statistics tell a punter which dog is in at the start. Knowing the running style of a dog that you place a wager on can significantly help you to win a bet.

Different greyhounds have different running styles, and their placement on the track, be it the inner, middle, or outer starting box, impacts their chances of winning a race.

Greyhound age

Age dramatically impacts the performance of racing dogs and the outcome of individual races. Greyhounds that are four to six years old are close to retirement age and are hardly at their peak performance. Younger dogs have much better chances of winning.

Before placing a bet, knowing the dog’s age can make or break your wager.

Career statistics

Career stats can tell you all about a particular dog’s racing history. A dog’s career history displays the list of races that it has been in and the number of times that it has won. A dog can have as many as 30 wins, but it’s the most recent performance that matters. 

If the last race was months ago, that doesn’t indicate that a dog is at its peak performance, nor does it guarantee that it’ll be a good bet. Being absent for months could mean that the dog isn’t in good shape or has suffered an injury. If you’re looking for winners, avoid betting on dogs that haven’t participated in a race in the last month.

Trainer statistics

The performance of a racing greyhound depends on its training. A dog can’t win multiple races without a good trainer. Knowing who the trainer is can change the outcome of a race in a heartbeat.

Look for the number of wins that a particular trainer has taken. Greyhounds under winning trainers have much better chances of winning.

Track conditions

The most common greyhound races take place on open tracks, meaning that everything depends on the weather conditions on the day of the race.

If it’s going to rain, that can affect the tracks and, therefore, the performance of your favourite dog. Some dogs perform better on wet tracks, while others run faster on dry tracks. 

There are also situations where the track conditions don’t impact the dog’s performance at all. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider this statistic. It can be a determining factor in placing your wager and winning. The track conditions affect the dog’s overall performance, and you can derive good insights on whether to bet on a specific greyhound or not.


Now that you understand how things work in greyhound racing betting, you can find top racing markets, open your betting accounts, and place your first wager. Placing bets on greyhound races is incredibly easy since you can do it online. 

You only need to find a top-rated sportsbook website that offers good deals and welcome bonuses, and favourable payment and withdrawal options, and you’ll be all set. Start small by placing the most straightforward bet to see how it goes. 

Place a winning bet and start building your first betting strategy around the simplest types of greyhound bets. Once you see how everything works, you can tap into something more complex like the accumulator bet.

Keep in mind that doing your research and collecting as much information as possible before placing a bet can determine whether you will win or lose.