In this guide, we explain the basics of handball betting. Understand different types of handball bets and start betting today.

How To Bet On Handball

Betting on handball can be a fun and profitable experience, but it can also be confusing for beginners. This guide will teach you about the basics of handball betting so that you can make informed decisions and turn a profit.

Handball is a fast-paced sport with plenty of action, making it an exciting event to bet on.

In this guide, we will explain what handball betting is, how it works, and the different types of bets that you can place. We will also provide some valuable tips to help you to make money betting on handball.

What is handball betting and how does it work?

Betting on handball can be profitable if you know what you are doing. Handball betting is simply betting on the outcome of handball matches. You can bet on the winner of the match, the margin of victory, or various other outcomes.

When you bet on handball, you are essentially predicting which team will win and by how much. There are a variety of different ways to bet on handball, and we will go over them in more detail later in this guide.

If you're interested in betting on handball, you'll need to find a handball betting site that offers the markets that you're interested in. Once you've found a site, you'll need to create an account and make a deposit.

After depositing funds into your account, you can start betting on handball.

Punters can bet on a variety of markets, including handball events, tournaments, and leagues. With so many options available, you're sure to find handball betting markets that interest you.

The best handball events to bet on to make a profit

Handball is a sport that is played all around the world, so there are a variety of betting opportunities available.

The most popular handball events to bet on are the major international tournaments, such as the World Cup or European Championship. However, you can also bet on club handball matches, which are played in many different countries.

handball betting events

These are different handball events that are popular among bettors looking to make a profit:

  • IHF World Handball Championships
  • EHF Champions League
  • EHF European League
  • Olympics
  • Liga Asobal (Spain)
  • La Starligue (France)
  • Bundesliga (Germany)
  • Superliga (Poland)
  • Denmark Handbold Ligaen (Denmark)
  • Handball Liga Austria (Austria)
  • Extraliga (Czech Republic)
  • Olis-Deild Karla (Iceland)
  • Handbollsligan (Sweden)
  • Rema1000-ligaen (Norway)
  • Nemzeti Bajnokság I (Hungary)
  • Liga Nationala (Romania)

Different types of handball bets and how they work

There are a variety of different handball bets that you can place, and each one has its own set of risks and rewards.

We will go over the most common handball betting types below.

Moneyline bets

This is the simplest handball bet to understand. You are simply betting on which team will win the match. This is called 2-way betting (Home win or Away win). Or, you can bet on a tie as well and that is called 3-way betting (Home win, Away win or Tie). The tie is another popular handball bet. It allows you to bet on the outcome of a game without picking a winner or loser.

Check out the Paris Saint-Germain vs Elverum Handball match at the 888sport betting site and their 3-way odds. Paris Saint-Germain is the clear favourite, with odds of 1.10. Elverum Handball is the underdog, with odds of 10.00. The odds for the draw between the two teams are set at 18.50.

handball monelyline betting example

In this example, if you bet £10 on a draw and the game ends in a tie, you'll win £185 (18.50 multiplier x £10 wager). That's a profit of £175 on your initial wager!

Totals (over/under) bets

This handball totals bet is also very popular and easy to understand. With this type of bet, you are betting on whether the total number of goals scored in a match will be over or under a certain number.

For example, take a look at the handball betting match between Montpellier and FC Porto offered by 10bet betting site (read 10bet Review).

handball totals betting example

If you think that there will be more than 59.5 goals scored in the match, you would bet on the "over" market. If you think that there will be less than 59.5 goals scored, you would bet on the "under" market.

Spread bets

Spread betting (also known as handicaps) in handball is similar to spread betting in other sports. With handball spread bets, you are betting on whether a team will cover the set spread or not.

The goal of the handicap bet is to even out the playing field and make it more interesting for bettors.

For example, in the handball match between Montpellier and FC Porto, if you think Montpellier will win, you would bet on them with a spread of -2.5.

handball spread betting example

This means that Montpellier needs to win by 3 or more points. Betting £20 on Montpellier with odds of 1.96 (multiplier) results in a £39.23 payout (£19.23 profit). If they win by fewer points or lose the game, you’ll lose the bet.

Most bookies and punters usually use decimal points for point spread bets so that they eliminate the chance of a tie game (push) since no team can win or lose by half a point.

Futures bets

This type of handball bet is a little more complicated, but can be very profitable if you know what you're doing. Futures bets are placed on events that will happen in the future, such as who will win the next World Cup or European Championship.

You can also bet on handball teams to win specific tournaments or leagues.

For example, at the time of writing this article, you can bet on who will win the EHF Men’s Champions League. You can choose from a variety of teams, including Barcelona handball, Paris Saint-Germain handball and Vardar Skopje handball.

Proposition bets

This handball bet is a little more exotic and can be a lot of fun. A proposition (or prop) bet is a wager on something that isn’t directly related to the outcome of the match.

For example, you could bet on how many cards will be shown in the match, which team will score first or who will have the most goals. Here are some handball prop betting options offered at the bet365 betting site:

prop handball bet example

These bets can be a lot of fun and can add an extra level of excitement to watching handball. Just make sure to do your research first so that you don’t end up losing your money on a silly bet!

Top handball betting tips

Now that you know all about the different handball betting markets, here are some top tips to help you to make a profit:

Do your research - make sure that you know as much about the teams and players as possible so that you can make informed decisions.

Start small - don’t bet too much money on your first few bets. This will help you to learn the ropes without risking too much money.

Use bookmaker bonuses - many bookmakers offer sign-up bonuses for new customers. Make sure that you take advantage of these perks and use them to boost your profits.

Follow the experts - there are a lot of handball experts out there who can help you to make informed bets. Make sure that you follow them on social media or read their betting previews to get an edge over the competition.

Use a betting calculator - this is a great tool that will help you to work out how much money you can expect to win (or lose) from each bet.

Essential handball betting statistics

Now that you know how to bet on handball, it’s important to understand some of the essential statistics that you need to consider:

  • The total number of goals scored in a match;
  • The total number of cards shown in a match;
  • The home team’s odds of winning;
  • The away team’s odds of winning;
  • Which teams are playing (and their recent form);
  • The weather conditions on the day of the match; and
  • The odds for each handball betting market.

By understanding these statistics, you’ll be in a much better position to make informed bets.

Many bookies will share handball match stats that will help you to make your bet. Here are examples of stats for the upcoming match offered on bet365:

handball match stats bet365

Head to head record

This is the first thing that you should look at when deciding which team to back. It will give you a good indication of how evenly matched the two teams are.

head to head handball match stats

Recent form

It’s always a good idea to look at each team’s recent form before making a bet. This will give you an idea of how well they’re playing right now.

handball team form stats

Handball betting FAQs

Is handball easy to bet on?

Yes, handball is a relatively easy sport to bet on. However, it’s always a good idea to do your research before placing a bet.

Can you be profitable with handball betting?

Yes, it is possible to be profitable with handball betting. Handball is a relatively low-scoring sport, so there are often tight matches with good odds for punters. There are a number of top bookmakers who offer markets on handball matches, so finding a good odds comparison site is essential to securing the best available prices. Make sure that you also carefully research the teams and players involved in each match to get an edge over the competition.

Where can I bet on handball?

These days, almost all betting sites offer handball betting for major tournaments and leagues. Be sure to compare the odds before you make your bet.

Does handball offer live (in-play) betting?

Yes, in-play betting is especially popular for handball games. This is because the action can be fast and furious, with lots of goals scored, so it's exciting to place bets as the game unfolds.

I would recommend starting out by placing small bets. This way, you can get a feel for how the system works and make some wins before risking too much money. There are many online bookmakers who offer good odds on handball games.

What is the best strategy in handball betting?

There is not one definitive answer to this question since strategies for betting on handball can vary depending on a number of factors. However, here are a couple of general tips that may help you if you're interested in getting into handball betting:

1. Look at the odds and lines before placing your bets. This will give you an indication of which teams are favored to win and by how much.

2. Consider placing moneyline bets rather than point spread bets. With moneyline bets, you're simply picking who you think will win the game outright without worrying about any spreads or handicaps. This can be a good option if you feel confident in your knowledge of the teams and players involved.


So there you have it - our beginner's guide to betting on handball. We hope that now you feel more confident in your ability to make a profit from this exciting sport. Remember to do your research into upcoming events and stay disciplined with your bets if you want to be successful in the long term. Good luck!